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Let me share a bit more about me & my journey... So grab a cup of tea and get comfy!

 Where I am Now...



"Today, I am living my DREAM LIFE!


I am co-creating a magical existence with my beloved husband and life partner of 13 years, and our cute pups, Luna and Kaya...


We are in a healthy, loving, playful, and conscious partnership...


We are living in our dream hOMe nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains...


At 43 years old, I am healthier than ever...


Financially FREE and doing what lights me up for a living...


But most importantly, I have found internal freedom and have broken free from old, destructive patterns... I now realize that I am the creator of my own reality, and have chosen to embody that power and take responsibility for the life that I create!


... and since I AM the creator of my own reality and get to write my own story...

It's gonna be freakin MAGIC!"

Where I was...


I fell in "love" at 18...


I got married at the age of 20...


We had a very unhealthy and codependent relationship for 10 years...


We maintained toxic communication patterns...

Which is no surprise since we both came from

very unhealthy familial patterns...


I thought it was completely "normal" to fight on a regular basis.


I was extremely insecure and did not realize my self-worth!


Externally, it looked like I had my act together, but internally, I was an absolute mess!


I was riddled with anxiety and carried deep grief

 and completely unaware of it!


I believed that being thin equaled health, and was completely ignorant of the true meaning of health...


I worked tirelessly to make a living doing things I did not enjoy and had an unhealthy relationship with money!


I struggled to find meaning and purpose in my life!


Something had to CHANGE!


... and that "something" was ME!"

Where I came from...

Chaos Before Order...



I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, to a 24-year-old mother in medical school.


My father, a well-known 41-year-old psychiatrist, was famous for pioneering psychotherapy with LSD.


I was the youngest of two girls.


My parents divorced when I was 3 years old.


My father remarried to an amazing woman and had a beautiful 15-year partnership.


My mom remarried for the wrong reasons and divorced two years later.


When I was 6, my mother decided to relocate us to Israel where she completed her medical residency.


She was in and out of hospitals with an unknown illness for most of the three years we spent in Israel.


My sister and I were taken in by a really nice family that treated us as if we were their own.


In 1989, we moved to Vancouver, Canada, where my mom attempted her third marriage and divorced a year later.


We spent the next year exploring different places to live.


While waiting for a flight back to Israel from Miami, my mom met a charming young man with two kids. She fell in love, and like the Brady Bunch, we all moved in together and had a real family for about seven years.


My mom was a brilliant, loving, funny, and gorgeous young doctor, but she was riddled with depression and illness which affected all aspects of her life, including her fourth marriage.


Her nightstand looked like a pharmacy.


She could never quite keep her life together, which created an extremely unstable environment for us girls.


I went to a different school almost every year of my life and finally dropped out in my senior year to get my GED.


I left home at 17 to move in with my 22-year-old boyfriend.


We had a very toxic relationship, which I had confused with real love.


To get me away from this toxic relationship, my mom decided to put me on a plane back to Argentina to live with my father for six months.


Up until this point, my father was my hero. He could do no wrong. I wanted to be a psychiatrist just like him. He was handsome, charming, loving, deep, funny, and fun!


Shortly after my arrival, his humanity revealed itself and a little girl's hero came tumbling down like a house of cards in a summer windstorm.


My father was at his rock bottom. He was battling a drinking problem, his wife of 15 years had just left him, and his career was going down the drain. Needless to say, I was crushed by the fall of my imaginary hero.


Yet this was to be one of the most important lessons of my young adulthood!


Fast forward to the summer of 2002.


I had been happily married for two years and was living in New England.


My mom was diagnosed with lung cancer with metastasis in the brain and given two months to live.


I left my husband to be by my mother's bedside until her last breath; nothing else mattered to me at that moment.


My mother's death was the most pivotal moment of my life!


I was not aware of it at the time, but this was to be the biggest and most profound teaching of my journey.


My husband at the time was unable to handle my absence and turned from my hero to the villain of my story, another fallen hero!


He finally showed up after she passed.


In an attempt to NOT follow in my mother's footsteps, I stayed with my husband for six more years. Resentments slowly ate away at me. Unable to process or communicate my grief to my avoidant partner, I buried the pain deep inside my empty heart, where even I had forgotten about it.


But like all treasures, they are meant to be found!"


My entire life had to blow up into a million pieces...


The market crashed.

We couldn't pay our bills.

We lost our home.

We filed for bankruptcy.

We got divorced.

Two of our dogs died.

I was arrested for possession of 1g of Cannabis.

I lost my corporate job over it.

I got on unemployment.

My car got repossessed.

...I hit rock bottom!


My life had to completely self-destruct before it could fall into place!


I had to dedicate myself to doing whatever it takes...

I chose to no longer be a victim of life or circumstance!


I had to take my power back from everyone and everything to which I had so easily given it, and start taking responsibility for the life that I was creating!


Instead of looking for answers outside of myself, as I'd been doing my entire life, I finally realized that I had to turn around and start looking at myself!


Thus, my inward journey began...

I started doing "The Work"...

I started becoming self-aware...

and slowly, everything began to change!"

   My Journey of Awakening...


I signed up for massage school at the FL College of Natural Health.

I had no idea what I was getting myself into...

I followed my internal compass and took life one step at a time.

With each session, I found myself becoming more and more centered.

I studied 14 different healing modalities in school and many more over the past 14 years!

In 2010, I interned with one of the top NFL trainers in the country and worked with numerous professional athletes and their medical teams.

In the same year, I opened my own Healing Practice inside a Yoga Studio in Sunny Isles, FL.

Every person who walked through my door became my teacher!

As I opened my heart and surrendered my will, each session took its own form, taking both me and my clients on a journey into the unknown.

My sessions gradually became longer, delving deeper into the realms of healing.

In 2010, I discovered the power of sound and frequency and studied Sound Therapy with pioneers in the field.

In 2011, I learned how to conduct Past Life Regressions with Dr. Brian Weiss at The Omega Institute in NY and attended a workshop on Taking up Art as a Spiritual Practice with Alex and Allison Grey.

In 2014, I completed my Yoga Teacher Training with Terri Cooper in Miami.

In 2015, I co-founded the Sacred Sounds Conference in Miami.

For six years, I delved into exploring consciousness through psychedelics and sacred plant medicines.

I've had the privilege of sitting in ceremonies with shamans and healers from all over the globe.

Since 2010, I've dedicated countless hours to listening to lectures from esteemed philosophers, personal growth leaders, and spiritual teachers on a daily basis.

I studied Epigenetics with Dr. Dan Stickler at the Apeiron Center for Human Potential and spent 12 months fine-tuning my health under his guidance.

In 2018, I delved deep into biohacking and health optimization.

By 2019, I started researching and investing in suppressed healing technologies.

In 2022, I collaborated with Apex Brain Center to detox my brain from mold toxicity and rewire it from old trauma patterns.

Introduced to Dr. Joe Dispenza's work in 2007, I began reading his books and researching Quantum Physics.


In 2023, I attended his life-changing Advanced Retreat.

That same year, I worked with Fountain Life and underwent precision diagnostics, discovering that I am biologically 10 years younger and surpassing many of my doctors' records.

I've meditated

 I've chanted

I've fasted, went vegan, cut out sugar and gluten, rode the Keto wave, followed the alkaline diet and have read countless books on nutrition and was even able to reverse my pre-diabetes

without drugs.

I am committed to staying at the forefront of new discoveries and advancements in the field of health and well-being and continue to explore new frontiers of healing and optimization.

I've been able to integrate my knowledge and experiences into my healing practice, allowing each session to become a

unique journey.

I am dedicated to personal growth, healing, and continuing to expand my consciousness and my understanding of the

human experience.

 I will forever remain an explorer and student of life.

Devoted to awakening and relieving suffering wherever possible.

I am here to serve!

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